How Do I Stay In Church When It’s So Easy To Drift Away?

October 15, 2017

It is vital to stay connected to Church, but the world around us makes it so easy to drift away. Busy schedules and the pressures of life smetimes make Church an inconvenience. How do I stay connected?


Does God Cause Natural Disasters?

October 8, 2017

Even the insurance companies call the "Acts of God" but does God cause natural disasters? Learn about natural disasters, the fallen world we live in, and how we can respond.


Can a Christian have fun?

October 3, 2017

Being a Christian doesn't mean that you can't have fun and enjoy life. Fun is God's idea! Learn how to have fun God's way.


How Do I Respond When I’m Under Pressure?

September 25, 2017

We all go through times of pressure. Sometimes you can't control when pressure comes, but how you respond to it makes all the difference!


How Do I Hear God Speak?

September 17, 2017

How do you know if God is speaking to you? How do you recognize His voice? This practical teaching will help you understand how to hear from God.


Forbidden Fruit

September 11, 2017

The Bible talks a lot about food. Key events in history revolve around meals. Sin started with a meal, and we remember that Jesus redeemed us by eating together in holy communion.


Convenience or Connection

September 3, 2017

God has called us to be a family, but most Christians live in isolation. True connection isnt convenient, but it's vitaly important. It's time to get connected!


Get Offended or Get Over It

August 27, 2017

Offenses will come, but when they do we have a choice to maker: "Am I going to get offended or am I going to get over it?"


Discipline or Regret?

August 22, 2017

Will you choose to pay the price now with discipline, or will you take the easy route now and live with regrets later?


Surrender or Control

August 13, 2017

We all have to make the decision: Will I go through life trying to control everything. Or will I find freedom in surrender to God?